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Welcome to my world. I am a audio and visual producer as well as a singer/songwriter/show host. I am the driving force behind the apparel creation of "Como Los Animales" and "I’m Hollywood Baby" . In 2019 I plan to bring you my best. Aside from great music "Fuego Live" will be coming to a T.V Station near you. I will be going around the world finding the hottest things which will include people, events, organizations, places etc. and putting the FUEGO stamp on them, because you know-- If it's FUEGO!!  It has to be Hot. Another exciting show which i will be hosting is “Cooking with Fuego” where I cook healthy delicious meals that will power the world of tomorrow. In addition to these two shows lastly we have “Fuego Cribs” where I showcase the hottest homes in the world..

Recording Artist / Tony Fuego
Engineer / Tony Fuego
Video Editor/ Tony Fuego
Graphic Designer/ Tony Fuego



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